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Testing of DXCC of the own QSO

It is possible to require the testing of the correspondence between the name and DXCC of your QSO. From the page Login->View DXCC list -> press the button “Register for a full DXCC check”. The test will be perform during the moments of low charge of the server (typically during the night) and the result will be sent after some days by email.


The complete list of the programs which dialogue with can be consulted at the web page Among the others, ALog is the first program created for Android which has an interface with

Encrypted login, POI icons, field COMMENT, etc

- To avoid that your info goes through the network in a visible way, now all the pages containing login data are sent to server with encrypted HTTPS pages;
- field COMMENT is stored in the logbook;
- POI icons (point of interest) have been differentiated based on the type of point;
- It is possible to change the interval of visualization of the last QSO both of the home page and of the detail page the intervals are now 5, 15 or 60 minute;
- Part of the website have been translated in Portugues

Ham Radio Deluxe 6 - a pair of bugs

Ham Radio Deluxe 6 has a pair of bug (issue 328 and issue 423) in the upload QSO function. HRD SOFTWARE LLC is working on the issues. - 20,000 users

Countdown has started! Who will be the 20,000th user?

New template is on-line

New template is on-line. Do you like it? Vote at Major news (Sep–Nov 2012)

Station history, Callsign plate, Integration with Google Drive, Change of saving frequency Dropbox and Google Drive, Server virtualization, QARTest Integration

Station history

This interesting section allows the users to insert the list of the devices present in the station. The data are, then, visible on or on external web sites, such as the personal web site or pages. In addition to the insertion of own devices, it is also possible to comment the features, offer for sale or search for other devices.
To access, Login -> Equipment

Callsign plate

It has been added a new visible "Callsign plate" at the address
The new layout has been really appreciated through Facebook comments and it allows to see ARRL Prefix, the number of the contacted countries and the numbers of confirmed countries.
We remind you that at the page Login -> Quick Links, it is possible to visualize a wide range of graphics elements linked to your logbook, that can be used to make personal web site or page more attractive.

Integration with Google Drive

It has been added the possibility to backup periodically our logbook on Google Drive.
Google offers the chance to memorize documents, pictures and videos on a free space.
To activate this function: Login -> Backup & Restore -> Google Drive
We remind to you that from some months it is possible to activate the backup also on Dropbox and Windows Azure

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