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European General Data Protection Regulation

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th,'s programmers is working hard to make the website compliant with it. From today, after the login operation, you will be redirected to a page where you have to give consent the process of your personal data. This will only be a few moments, thank you so much for your cooperation. widget developers worked hard to restore the full widget functionality. Now the options search / on air / qso map / dxcc plate / custom colors / hide time / hide callsign / show comment are working again.
New code doesn't use javascript as requested by new security policy.

Storage size

Storage size has been increased to 60GB. We are completing the operations, access to logbook may be slower than normal. - more than 30,000 users

Good news: reached 30,000 users in june 2014 !!! Major news (1st six-month 2015)

Reverse Beacon maps, Map analysis, Chart analysis, Morse trainer, CAT control

Help us to translate

We're looking for translators. Let's make available to everyone in the world!
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ALog is the first logbook program created for Android which has an interface with Click now to download Major news (1st quarter 2014)

Import logbook via email, My Award page, Webcam, new languages, improved security.

Integration with LoTW and eQSL

Two big news have been activated during the latest months. It is now possible to activate the exchange of data with LoTW and/or eQSL. It will be possible to decide whether to activate the automatic sending of the new QSO and to execute automatically the import of the confirmed QSO. Confirmed QSO data will be memorized and visualized on the own logbook and counted on the own DXCC list. For the eQSL confirmation it will be possible to visualize the eQSL confirmation directly on its own logbook on All the operations are automatically executed, in order to avoid boring procedures which since now have been done manually. An email will communicate to you the status of the executed operations, in particular the new acquired confirmation, confirmed new countries, gap between your QSO data and the ones memorized on LoTW/eQSL. It is obviously possible to activate just one of the two functions, to enable Login->Modify profile->LoTW or eQSL.

OQRS- Online QSL request

The service has been already active for some time and it allows the request of the QSL in paper form through Two functions have now been added: 1) It is now possible to visualize the page of the QSL request on the own web site: Login->Modify profile->QSL request-> in the bottom of the pane HTML code is generated and it can be copied on a web site page; 2) Your correspondents will be able to perform the request just sending an ADIF file with all the QSO ( in the past they would have had to insert manually one QSO per time).

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